A Quick Glance at Indexedmind

Track Subject Matter Experts

Track down "Who knows What".

Can you give a Carpenter instructions written by an Electrician and expect him to wire your whole house?

Documentation is great, but finding out who really holds a piece of knowledge is what we are all about.

Insanely fast Searches!

Find people, skills, experts, processes, questions. Everything is available at the touch of a button.

All the data you add to Indexedmind has one and only one purpose - "Search".

That is why we spent a lot of time in making our search insanely fast. Start typing anything and things start showing up as you type

Search Functionality
Question and Answer Platform

Powerful QnA Platform.

Engage your colleagues with Questions and Answers. You can even ask questions about projects or processes.

Our QnA engine automatically figures out who is best suited to answer your questions and notifies the relevant parties.

Everything asked and answered becomes instantly searchable.

Linkedin like skill ratings

Not only does Indexedmind help you find "Who knows What in your Organization", but "How well they know it" too.

We utilize anonymous Peer ratings to build a database of who really is the expert at what.

When you search for skills, you can easily make sense of the results based on skill ratings.

Skill Ratings
Public and Private Suggestion Boxes

Private and Public Suggestion Boxes.

Remember that big box outside your CTO's office called a "Suggestion Box"? We really wanted to get rid of it, so we provide unlimited Suggestion Boxes for your Organization.

Any employee can have a suggestion box. Suggestion Boxes can be public or private. You can even allow people to post anonymously.