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Our core philsophy revolves around finding people and talent inside your Organization. But we bring some other frills too.

  • One touch People and Skill search

    The Big Search Box as we like to call it, makes everything in your organization searchable. It is like "Google Instant Search" but tailored for your Organization. You can search People, Skills, Projects, Processes, Questions and Answers. Everything is right there at your disposal when you need it.

  • No! we are not against Documentation and Wikis.

    We realize that companies already have some form of knowledge base already in the form of Sharepoint Wikis, Google Drives, Word documents or a multitude of other products. We are not here to create more work for you by migrating all that into IndexedMind. We just augment what is missing with all those documentation and knowledge-base platforms. It is the ability of tracking who in your company really knows the stuff you are looking for.

  • LinkedIn like skill ratings

    We prompt your colleagues to rate each other's skillsets anonymously. This creates a very reliable way of knowing not only "Who knows What?" but "How well they know it" too.

  • A powerful QnA platform

    You can engage your colleagues with Questions and Answers. You can even ask questions about projects or processes. Our QnA engine automatically figures out who is best suited to answer your questions and notifies the relevant parties.
    As a bonus, everything asked and answered becomes instantly searchable.

  • Private and Public Suggestion Boxes.

    Remember that big box outside your CTO's office called a "Suggestion Box". We really want to get rid of it, so we provide unlimited Suggestion Boxes for your Organization. Any employee can have a suggestion box. Suggestion Boxes can be public or private. You can even allow people to post anonymously if you want.
We get asked that question a lot. Yammer is a social network, a Facebook for enterprises.

IndexedMind is a talent and skill search engine. Our core philosophy revolves around finding people and skills buried deep inside your company. We are not in the business of posting pictures and status updates. Nor are we trying to replace your already existing internal documentation /wiki tool. We are here to augment what you already have and fill in the missing pieces.


Why we exist?

We believe that "Tacit Knowledge" can never be fully documented. In the end it is very important to find the right person to do the job.

Our one and only mission is to help you find that person at the click of a button.

Indexedmind provides

  • One touch People and Skill search
  • Ability to link to your internal documentation
  • Linkedin like skill ratings, so you can find the most suitable person for a job
  • Engage colleagues with QnA.
  • Private and Public Suggestion Boxes.

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